How to keep your animals safe on fright night

By NanaimoNewsNOW Staff
October 31, 2018 - 3:00pm

Halloween is a fun night for kids, but not so much for your pets.submitted/Myles Young

NANAIMO — This Halloween, consider dressing up and waiting outside your house when giving out candy, to save your animals from getting over-excited.

“There's lots of different ways to greet the kids on Halloween night without having the doorbell ring 100 times,” Bonnie Pequin with the Nanaimo SPCA said.

Halloween can be a loud and chaotic night, which then agitates any dogs or cats inside your home.

Pequin said it's best to keep all your animals indoors and in a quiet area with music or a TV playing to distract them from the noise, especially fireworks.

You might also be tempted to take your dog for a walk when going out with your family, but Pequin said it can often be too much for even the most well-behaved dogs.

“They get scared because kids are lighting off firecrackers and running up with costumes on, which can agitate your animals. Enjoy yourself but keep your pets inside.”

Pequin said the Nanaimo SPCA often fields numerous calls on Nov. 1 of concerned families whose dog ran off after fireworks.

Bite-sized chocolate treats should also be kept well out of the reach of pets, especially when kids return and start sorting through their candy.


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