Nomination period open for Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards

By Dan Marshall
November 29, 2017 - 10:42am

The nomination period is now open for the 2018 Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards. The deadline is December 31, with the ceremony scheduled for February 16 at the Coast Bastion Inn

NANAIMO — The nomination period is open to recognize Nanaimo's best in sport this year.
Forms for the 13th annual Nanaimo Sport Achievement awards are available online.
There are 18 different categories with a deadline of December 31 to get the nominations in.
Teams, individuals, officials, coaches, administrators and volunteers are all eligible for awards.
Organizer Marilyn Sullivan says there aren't usually many nominations for the Official of the Year, even though there isn't one game that can be played without a referee or official present.
"There's not a lot of officials who like to pat themselves on the back and nominate. But we certainly encourage family members or coaches, or managers of teams to nominate an official," said Sullivan.
Masters Athlete of the Year is another category that is typically light on candidates, despite that Sullivan says there are plenty of mature athletes in Nanaimo who deserve to be honoured.
Over the 13 years the awards have been handed out, they have evolved.
But the location of the ceremony remains the same.
In 2018 the Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards ceremony will be at the Coast Bastion Inn on Friday February 16.
Almost all of the categories will have three finalists who will be chosen by a judging committee in January.
Sullivan says the awards have helped to raise the profile of local athletes and the event itself is becoming more ingrained in the community.
"A lot more people are aware of the Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards," said Sullivan. "They are something that was needed in Nanaimo and they have progressed. They're welcomed by all sports and all members of sport. It's a great opportunity to recognize people who are very accomplished. Nanaimo has some great athletes known not only nationally but around the world."

The nomination form for the 2018 Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards is available here.
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