Bike owner 'astounded' no charges laid despite Facebook Live evidence

By NanaimoNewsNOW Staff
September 12, 2018 - 5:11pm

Hofer's friend securing the stolen bike after it was recovered from the yard of a Nanaimo property.Dustin Hofer/Facebook

NANAIMO — It was social media, not the police, who came to the rescue of a Cobble Hill shop owner whose motorcycle was stolen.

Dustin Hofer, owner of Pride Motor Sports, turned to Facebook on Sept. 9 after he found his motorcycle was stolen some time overnight. Within a day, Hofer was tipped off about where the motorcycle was in Nanaimo so he hit record on Facebook Live and confronted the alleged thieves while rescuing his bike.



Hofer told NanaimoNewsNOW he decided to get his bike back himself after rarely seeing police success in solving previous thefts. This incident was no different for him.

Nanaimo RCMP said they were “unable to determine who took the bike and how long it has been on the property. Without definitive proof, no arrests were made and charges are unlikely.”

“It's pretty astounding there's no charges being laid,” Hofer said. “I've had over 20 messages from neighbours in that area of Nanaimo who thanked me personally, letting me know this house has been a nightmare for them. I wanted to make a difference and actually catch these folks.”

Though Hofer got his bike back, Nanaimo RCMP warned of how dangerous it was going in alone.

The $1,000 reward offered for the bike's return was donated to the Warmland House and Outreach shelter in Duncan after the tipster who pointed Hofer in the right direction turned down the money.


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