Nanaimo identity thief gets three months house arrest

By Ian Holmes
June 11, 2018 - 3:15pm

36-year-old Rory Anton was sentenced to a three-month conditional sentence and a year probation Monday in Provincial Court in Nanaimo.Ian Holmes/NanaimoNewsNOW

NANAIMO — A man with a history of drug use admitted to several identity theft and fraud offences before he was sentenced in Provincial Court in Nanaimo.

Rory Scott Anton, 36, was given a three-month conditional sentence and a year probation on Monday after admitting to five charges, while four other counts were thrown out in exchange for guilty pleas.

Crown prosecutor Nick Barber told court Anton and an accomplice worked together during a crime spree in Nanaimo last November, where several forms of personal identification, such as driver's licences, care cards, cheques, and credit cards were found in a fraudulently rented U-Haul truck.

Barber said the truck was tracked down by police the same day Canadian Tire staff became suspicious of Anton and another man for the documents they tried to use to get an in-store credit card.

Barber said Anton's criminal record included theft, driving, stolen property and drug offences.

Kelly Bradshaw, Anton's lawyer, told court his client suffered a brain injury after he was stabbed and also thrown out of a truck in Calgary a year-and-a-half ago. She said Anton has since made significant strides during 70 days in pre-trial custody in Victoria, including taking part in addictions and employment programming. Bradshaw said Anton is interested in pursuing post-secondary courses at VIU.

Anton's father reported his son struggled with addictions for 15-years, led by his crystal meth use. He said Rory remained sober since living at his home while on probation since January.

In a bizarre turn in court, Judge Justine Saunders asked Anton's father if he had any further questions. He said he did, at which point Anton kicked his father in the leg. The incident caused a momentary delay in the proceedings.

Anton's probation conditions include living at his parents home during the three-month house arrest tenure, not use alcohol or drugs and attending counseling and treatment sessions as directed by his probation officer. Anton must also not possess credit cards during his year-long probation term.

Judge Saunders said crimes of dishonesty, like fraud, must be dealt with seriously.

“Victims of such offences feel violated, they don't feel very comfortable.”


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