Stolen Alberta show dog possibly spotted in Nanaimo

By Dominic Abassi
November 9, 2017 - 6:15pm

2.5-year-old Sheldon.Submitted

2.5-year-old Sheldon.Submitted

A missing poster circulating social media.Submitted

NANAIMO — A heartbroken Alberta dog breeder hopes her stolen Grand Champion Great Dane is the same as one spotted in Nanaimo.

Cold Lake RCMP said three Great Danes were stolen from a home in Cold Lake on Sept. 19. The certified purebred show dogs are valued at about $15,000.

Owner Janet Edmunds said "it was like they simply disappeared" from her home. She said her husband went next door for coffee and when he returned the dogs were gone with no trace. There were no sightings in the community, something Edmunds said is very odd considering the usual flood of phone calls they receive when the dogs have gotten loose in the past.

The first real progress in the search came on Oct. 30 when a man who has owned several dogs bred by Edmunds reported spotting a unique dog strikingly similar to two-and-a-half year old Sheldon in Nanaimo at Colliery Dam Park. Following a social media post, another report of a sighting in Nanaimo came in.

"I just want them back," Edmunds told NanaimoNewsNOW, choking back tears. "Some people breed show dogs and they retire them to another home. I chose not to do that...This is unbelievably stressful and heartbreaking."

Sheldon stands about three feet tall. He is a dark brindle with black and gold striping, a black mask and cropped ears which makes them stand straight up. He also has a prominent white flash on his chest.

Edmunds said it's her best guess the dogs were stolen to be sold, noting no one else would be able to enter them into competitions because they are registered nationally to her.

"It's devastating when you know you feed them, keep them warm, take care of their health issues and you don't know what someone else is doing. Are they hungry? Are they being taken care of? Are they sleeping somewhere cold they're not used to?"

She said RCMP have been notified and are investigating. Nanaimo RCMP confirmed they are aware of the case and are expected to issue a statement Friday.

The two other dogs are Sheldon's brother Sherlock and their mother Honey Bee. There have been no reported sightings of them.

Anyone with information can contact Edmunds directly at 780-573-4794.


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