Weird and wonderful Fringe Festival plays hitting Nanaimo stages

By Spencer Sterritt
August 9, 2017 - 1:28pm

Artwork for Mr. Flubbers' Undead Legions, a comedy about zombies and their fish moving into a new apartment. Nanaimo Fringe Festival

NANAIMO — Theatre fare of a different sort will dominate downtown Nanaimo in coming days.

The seventh annual Fringe Festival kicks off on Thursday, Aug. 10, with 10 plays spread out over 56 showings until Aug. 19.

Shows were chosen by lottery, which general manager Anne Taylor said meant they cover a wide swathe of genres and even she didn't know what they'd be putting on this year.

“We're always very happy to see that we have something for just about everyone,” she said.

Performances include a kids show called Beaver Dreams, a musical named Berlin Waltz and Mr. Flubbers' Undead Legions, which Taylor said she's particularly excited for.

Though there's something for everyone, Taylor said given how odd some of the plays are, people should go in with an open mind and not be concerned about liking everything.

“You should try to go out and see three or four shows and know that probably one of those shows will be the highlight of your year and there will be one of two that just aren't for you. And that's okay.”

Plays will be performed at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, Harbour City Theatre and the Port Theatre and are all roughly one hour long.

A full schedule and pricing can be found online.


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