New cameras to beef up security on RDN buses

By Ian Holmes
November 18, 2016 - 4:28pm

NANAIMO — Video cameras are being installed on all of the Regional District of Nanaimo's large buses to improve security following safety concerns from their drivers, according the director of transportation.

Daniel Pearce say all 49 of their large buses will be outfitted with 14 closed-circuit cameras by February.

“Any intimidation or violent situations towards our operators will be caught on camera. These cameras do also have audio,” said Pearce.

He says the cameras will assist in a wide variety of investigations, including crashes, as well as physically and verbally abusive passengers, which he says has been a concern raised by their drivers.

“Will not only enhance the safety of the general atmosphere of the bus, but it also allows for proper investigations, especially when you're dealing with criminal situations.”

Pearce says six of the cameras will be installed in the buses, including in the entrance area where passengers get on. He adds that eight cameras will be located outside the buses. He says 24 of their newer compressed natural gas buses are currently getting the new cameras installed at a pace of two installations per week. He notes another delivery of 25 compressed natural gas buses will have the new camera technology in place by February.

“The total cost of the project is $65,000, which is cost-shared between the Regional District and BC Transit,” he said.

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