Man offers 'apology beer' after drunken break-in attempt at Halifax apartment

By The Canadian Press
May 15, 2017 - 1:45pm

HALIFAX — An attempted break-in at a Halifax apartment has resulted in an unexpected apology — and a six-pack of "apology beer."

Caitlynne Hines said a drunk man attempted to enter her north end apartment on May 5, insisting a friend was staying at the apartment upstairs.

After she sent him on his way, the man returned a few minutes later and attempted to pick the apartment's lock. When that didn't succeed, the man left again.

"We didn't call the police, but we were prepared to if he came back again," wrote Hines in a Facebook message to Global News.

The next day, she found a six-pack of Alexander Keith's beer, along with a note, on her front door.

"It kind of clicked with me immediately once I recognized the box and I just said 'Oh my god I think it's apology beer,' and we laughed for a good while over the note that was tucked inside," wrote Hines.

The letter is signed by a man who identifies himself as Cliff, who said he hoped he didn't make his friend upstairs look bad.

"I sincerely apologize for waking you up and being so disorderly in the middle of the night," Cliff wrote in the note.

"Please accept this six-pack of average tasting beer as a token of my appreciation."

Cliff added that after the attempted break-in, he walked to another person's house at least "eight kilometres" away.

Hines posted the apology on Facebook on Saturday, where it had 922 shares as of Monday morning.

"I'm happy people seem to find it as funny as we did," wrote Hines.

"Definitely never expected it to take off like that."

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